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Le Stim


17% vol.

With its bright ruby red colour, this cinchona aperitif offers joyful and spontaneous aromas of fruit and citrus, supported by root-like fragrances. Some coffee and chocolate nuances offer it a nice complexity.

The palate is naturally recognised by a noble bitterness due in large part to the bark of the Quinquina tree. Therefore, it logically falls into the category of "Bitters" although it is 100% natural!


Fans love its elegance, its irresistible charm and its subtle and nuanced balance.


Drink it chilled as an aperitif or on the rocks with a twist of lemon, lime or orange.

In cocktails, it goes perfectly with tonics, sodas, fruits and syrups.

Its digestive properties make it an ideal after-meal drink.

Various uses are possible in the kitchen, and are left to each persons interpretation. Fruit-based desserts, deglazing of seafood and fish, meat sauce, Asian cuisine etc.

LE STIM' Conseils de consommation
LE STIM' Conseils de consommation
LE STIM' Conseils de consommation
LE STIM' Conseils de consommation


Since 1860

LE STIM' Historique

In 1860 Emmanuel Camboni, an Italian-speaking emigrant from the Grisons canton, and Joseph Salina from the Piémont joined forces to open a distillery in Morges.

They were inspired by the Piemontese tradition to create a Quinquina.

A 100% natural drink made of wine to which is added a secret preparation of roots, fruits, aromatic plants and cinchona bark, that they macerate in alcohol.

Joseph's young son, Henri Salina, leaves to distil in Argentina and returns in 1899 to take over the Morgian distillery. Armed with the knowledge he gained in South America, he added a few exotic touches to the recipe and gave it the name the Stimulant.

It was an immediate hit ! Every day, the Stimulant became increasingly popular, mainly in French-speaking Switzerland where, at the height of its success, more than 1,000 litres were drunk every day.

LE STIM' Historique
LE STIM' Historique

From 1960 onwards, aperitifs, bitters and vermouths were snubbed by consumers who preferred wine. This was the beginning of the end and the Stimulant disappeared from the landscape towards the end of the 1970s after more than a century of glorious adventure.

In 2019, a bottle of Stimulant was found in a cellar. Those who had the privilege of tasting it fell in love with it.


It was decided that this magnificent Quinquina had to be brought back to life. Three partners founded Le Stimulant company, and obtained an exclusive manufacturing licence from the Salina family, who had carefully preserved their historic recipe.

LE STIM' Historique
LE STIM' Historique

In 2021, after 40 years of silence, Le Stimulant is back! But meanwhile, a federal law passes, and forbids alcohol companies to use names that may suggest that their drinks are good for you... and Le Stimulant is banned from the market !


Today it is reborn as Le STIM' with the ambition of quickly reconnecting with its legendary past.

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